Germany to make available an additional 5 million euros for humanitarian aid for the crisis in Syria

28.02.2013 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today on the occasion of the talks being held in Rome by the Group of Friends of the Syrian People:

“We are shocked by the images that reach us from Syria every day. In this emergency situation it is our duty to help our fellow man.
The German Government is therefore making available an additional five million euros for humanitarian aid.
We want to send a signal of solidarity and support to those who are suffering greatly in Syria and the neighbouring countries.”

The addition funds for humanitarian aid from the German Government will go to support measures by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Syria and neighbouring countries as well as the Federal Agency for Technical Relief’s efforts in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Some of the money will also be used to fund humanitarian projects run by German non governmental organizations.

According to UN estimates, over four million people in Syria are currently in need of humanitarian assistance. Some 2 million people in Syria have been displaced internally and over 850,000 have sought refuge in neighbouring countries, in particular Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.

The German Government has provided funds totalling 118 million euros since the crisis began. A total of 68 million euros have been spent on humanitarian assistance in Syria and its neighbouring countries and some 50 million euros on transitional structure-building measures as well as bilateral aid.

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