Foreign Minister Westerwelle: Talks with Iran are an opportunity

23.02.2013 - Press release

Prior to the talks to be held in Almaty (Kazakhstan) this coming Tuesday between the E3+3 (Germany, the United Kingdom, France, USA, Russia and China) group, headed by High Representative Catherine Ashton, and Iran about that country’s nuclear programme, Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement this morning (23 February):

The talks in Almaty are an opportunity, and one I hope Iran will seize. With the E3+3 we want to enter into a substantive process of negotiation on Iran’s nuclear programme.
Unfortunately, much time has been lost. So we were all the keener for E3+3, under the leadership of Catherine Ashton, to put a sensible offer on the table. Results are possible on this basis.
The priority now is to build up mutual trust by taking concrete steps and to set the course for a diplomatic solution.

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