Foreign Minister Westerwelle welcomes UN Security Council resolution on North Korea

23.01.2013 - Press release

Speaking today (23 January) in Berlin, Foreign Minister Westerwelle commented as follows on the United Nations Security Council resolution on North Korea:

“I welcome the UN Security Council’s unanimous condemnation of North Korea’s missile launch and the tightening of sanctions against it. The Council’s clear response to North Korea’s actions, which blatantly violate international law, shows that the international community will not tolerate the country’s deliberate provocations.
North Korea’s new leadership must now make a choice. If it keeps up its provocations and continues to violate international law and isolate itself, we will not hesitate to respond resolutely, now and in the future. The other option, which we have long been pressing for, is a change of course towards de-escalation, dialogue and reintegration into the international community. The door remains wide open to North Korea. But let me emphasize that what counts are actions, not words.”


The UN Security Council resolution reinforces the sanctions regime in place against North Korea. More names of people and institutions were included in the sanctions list, the sanctions’ provisions were further specified and clearer instructions added, for example on financial transactions and the inspection of goods. Furthermore, the Security Council expressed its determination to “take significant action” in the event of a further missile launch or nuclear test by North Korea.

Germany will continue to play an active role in the United Nations’ and the EU’s consultations on sanctions against North Korea.

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