Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle on the situation in Mali

11.01.2013 - Press release

In Berlin today (11 January), Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement on the situation in Mali.

I am very concerned about the renewed escalation of the situation in Mali.
Last night’s emergency session of the United Nations Security Council underscores just how concerned the international community is over the deepening crisis in the country.
I call on all rebel groups to cease their military activities immediately.
It is right to push forward with efforts to deploy an African task force quickly.
But there will not be a purely military solution to the problem of Mali. Therefore, political efforts must also be stepped up. It is urgent that talks led by African mediators continue.
As for the security situation, the European Union has expressed willingness to support the training of Mali’s armed forces, if, and only if, the necessary preconditions for this have been fulfilled.
That includes a viable roadmap to restore constitutional order in the whole of Mali.

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