Germany steps up aid for victims of Syrian conflict

12.12.2012 - Press release

In the run up to the meeting of the Group of Friends of the Syrian people in Marakech, Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement:

Over and above the political signal inherent in recognizing and enhancing the status of the National Coalition, the latter rightly expects tangible support for its work and for the people in Syria.
What matters most, as long as the conflict lasts, is alleviating the suffering of the people and the refugees.
Germany is therefore making available an additional 22 million euros of humanitarian aid funds for those who have fallen victim to or had to flee the conflict. The bulk of this sum goes towards the programmes of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Food Programme and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Germany’s humanitarian aid to those hit by the Syrian conflict thus amounts to a total of 90 million euros this year. The money is earmarked to help victims of the conflict in Syria, Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries and, increasingly, people living in areas controlled by opposition groups.

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