North Korea’s Ambassador summoned to the Federal Foreign Office because of rocket launch

12.12.2012 - Press release

At the behest of Foreign Minister Westerwelle, North Korea’s Ambassador was today summoned to the Federal Foreign Office.

The German Government’s position on the rocket launch, which was in violation of international law, was made unmistakably clear to North Korea’s Ambassador. The Federal Government condemns this latest rocket launch in the strongest terms. Moreover, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1874 (2009), which is binding under international law, prohibits any ballistic missile launch by North Korea. North Korea has blatantly violated this resolution and thus irresponsibly heightened tensions in the region.

Germany will, as a member of the United Nations Security Council and within the framework of the EU, be working to find an adequate response.

In addition, Foreign Minister Westerwelle instructed the German Ambassador in Pyongyang to carry out a demarche to the North Korean Foreign Ministry. The demarche is to be made together with the other EU partners represented in North Korea.

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