Foreign Minister Westerwelle cautions against further fanning the flames in Egypt

07.12.2012 - Press release

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle issued the following statement today (7 December) in response to what has been happening in Egypt:

We are deeply concerned about the situation in Cairo. The increasingly entrenched conflict and rising levels of violence are particularly alarming.
We call on all forces in Cairo not to allow any further fanning of the flames today.
There must be no repeat of the violence which led to a number of deaths and left hundreds injured the night before last. Egypt does find itself pulled in very different directions as it tries to decide its future – but violence will only exacerbate the problems.
Violence is not a solution. Violence jeopardizes the achievements of Egypt’s democratic revolution.
Egypt’s political forces have to find a way to engage in dialogue, and they need to draw up a political roadmap in which every part of society has a stake.
We listened very closely to President Morsi’s speech last night. I hope that we will not in future look back on it as a missed opportunity. We call on the President to back his offer of dialogue with real readiness to engage in a meaningful dialogue.
And it is with great urgency that we extend this appeal for prudence, moderation and dialogue to all political forces in Egypt. Egypt’s revolution is in jeopardy. There is a danger that the positive energy of the uprisings may come to nothing. That would be a great loss for the people of Egypt, who not only took to the streets and the squares in pursuit of political freedoms but are also rightly trying to improve their economic and social situation. This unrest, this violence, is also a threat to Egypt’s positive economic development.
A bright future for Egypt is to be found in pluralist structures. It can only be found in democracy. And it will need every form of political power to be subject to the rule of law.
I urge all concerned not to miss any chance to resolve this conflict at the political level. The constitutional process ought to unite the country, not cause greater division.

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