Westerwelle on the need to make a ceasefire in Gaza possible

18.11.2012 - Press release

Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today in response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza:

The situation in Gaza and southern Israel is extremely dangerous. There is an imminent risk that tensions there will just keep escalating, with consequences for the entire region.
Everything must be done to create the necessary conditions for a ceasefire. I expect Egypt and the Arab League as a whole to try and persuade the authorities in Gaza to end the rocket attacks.
It is equally vital that decisive steps be undertaken to finally stop weapons being smuggled into Gaza. Here too, I very much hope that Egypt will recognize its responsibilities as Gaza’s neighbour.

During recent days, Foreign Minister Westerwelle spoke on the telephone to several of those involved, including Israel’s Foreign Minister Liberman, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Amr and Secretary General El‑Araby of the Arab League. These conversations focused on ways to bring the violence to an end as swiftly as possible and establish a ceasefire.

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