Foreign Minister in Cairo for a meeting with the Arab League

13.11.2012 - Press release

Foreign Minister Westerwelle is in Cairo today to take part in the foreign ministers meeting being held jointly by the EU and the Arab League. EU Arab League relations are on the agenda, as are such regional issues as the conflict in Syria.

The Foreign Minister issued the following statement in Cairo before the meeting began:

I would like to see the Arab League become a strategic partner to the EU. The Arab League has been taking on more and more regional responsibility in recent years. Strengthening relations between the Arab League and the United Nations, as we have been doing, was therefore long overdue.
We want to work with the Arab League to achieve an end to the conflict in Syria. The opposition forces have taken a vital step in agreeing on a joint National Coalition, and that step that now needs to prove its worth. We will be discussing what support we can offer the opposition in its efforts to develop a credible alternative to the Assad regime.

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