I LIKE“: The Federal Foreign Office on Facebook

14.09.2012 - Press release

The Federal Foreign Office is opening a new “mission” in the global village: German foreign policy is now taking place on Facebook too. What topics does international diplomacy focus on? How is foreign policy conducted? Who are Germany’s leading diplomats? And where did the Foreign Minister actually go on his last trip?


At this address the Federal Foreign Office invites the “social media generation” to learn about international relations, comment on German foreign policy or simply ask questions. Photos, videos and brief texts – some of them maybe even unconventional! By launching its page on the world’s biggest social networking site, the Federal Foreign Office is starting a new form of open dialogue on foreign policy issues.

What concerns have you got when you think about Europe’s future?“ – That’s what the Federal Foreign Office is asking the Facebook community first. In the next few days the Internet community can send questions and comments to the Foreign Office at facebook.com/AuswaertigesAmt. Foreign Minister Westerwelle will be commenting on selected issues in a videocast on 19 September.

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