Foreign Minister Westerwelle on Romania: violations against the rule of law must not be allowed to happen

18.07.2012 - Press release

The EU Commission published its reports on the headway made in Bulgaria and Romania in the spheres of justice and home affairs in Brussels today (18 July). The reports assess the advances made by the two countries in judicial reform and the fight against corruption and organized crime since their accession to the EU in 2007.

In view of the slow progress made in some areas, which often only came about under external pressure from the European monitoring process, the Commission stated that this mechanism should be continued.

In the report on Romania, the Commission expresses in no uncertain terms its concern about the failure of the new Romanian Government to comply with rule-of-law standards and principles. In particular, it calls for the repeal of the emergency ordinances issued with a view to bringing about the early removal from office of President Basescu.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today:

“The German Government strongly backs the Commission’s demand that the limitations on the rule of law and the separation of powers in Romania be removed immediately. We cannot allow our European community of values, at the heart of which lie democracy and the rule of law, to be violated.

We expect the Romanian Government to now implement the measures called for by the Commission. I therefore welcome the written assurance from Prime Minister Ponta that the Government will comply and rectify all shortcomings without delay. We very much hope that action will now to be taken. Germany wants Romania to be fully integrated into the European Union. However, that lies in Bucharest’s hands.”

To ensure that the rule of law is restored in Romania, the Commission will monitor this sphere more closely during the next few months and present another report on the situation in Romaniaat the end of 2012.

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