Foreign Minister Westerwelle on the inauguration of President Morsi of Egypt

30.06.2012 - Press release

Speaking in Berlin, Foreign Minister Westerwelle today (30 June) commented as follows on the swearing-in of Mohamed Morsi, the new President of Egypt:

The first democratically elected president in Egypt’s long history has taken the oath of office. I congratulate Mohamed Morsi on his historic election victory and wish him every success in tackling the immense tasks that lie ahead. In every way possible President Morsi must now show he is the president of all Egyptians. I welcome his clear public commitment to democracy and tolerance, to reconciliation at home and peace in the world at large.
Egypt is facing enormous challenges. There is still much to do to build true democracy. People in Egypt rightly have high hopes and expectations for their country’s social and economic future.
So prompt action is now needed to pave the way for a new constitution, a functioning parliament and a transfer of power from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to credible and legitimate civilian institutions.

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