Minister of State Pieper opens Germany Year in Russia

19.06.2012 - Press release

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 20 June) in Moscow, Minister of State Cornelia Pieper will officially open the Germany Year in Russia, whose slogan is “Germany and Russia – shaping the future together”. From June 2012 to June 2013, Germany will showcase its culture, education, research, politics, and economy in Russia.

In advance, Minister of State Pieper issued the following statement today (19 June) in Berlin:

“In addition to presenting Germany as a modern and diverse country, we want to expand and strengthen the relations between Germany and Russia.
The projects, which have been jointly conceived by Russian and German partners, place a high value on ”cooperation“ and ”exchange“. Working together on a project encourages the partners to get to know each other better and also promotes understanding for the other partner’s point of view. The social contacts between our two peoples are very important to me personally.
I am sure that the Germany Year will also help expand and strengthen the dialogue between our citizens and give ample space and new energy to the exchange of ideas and opinions.”

More information:

The joint exhibition “Germans and Russians – 1000 Years of History, Art, and Culture” is the highlight of the opening of the Germany Year in Russia. On the German side, the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation is in charge of the exhibition, which will be shown at the Neues Museum in Berlin starting in October 2012 in connection with the beginning of the Russia Year in Germany.

A concert in the Tchaikovsky Conservatory by the Young Euro Classic Orchestra Russia Germany organized by the Dr Gabriele Minz GmbH will round out the opening.

The Goethe-Institut Moscow is in charge of the Germany Year in Russia’s project management. The Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations is responsible for the conceptual and financial involvement of the German business community, having assumed the deputy project management role. The core cultural programme is financed with a total of 3.6 million euros from public funds.

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