Transatlantic Academy presents at the Federal Foreign Office a report on resource allocation conflicts

05.06.2012 - Press release

On Wednesday (6 June), the Transatlantic Academy is presenting a report on “The Global Resource Nexus: The Struggles for Land, Energy, Food, Water and Minerals” at the Federal Foreign Office.

Emily Haber, State Secretary at the Federal Foreign Office, will open the event co-hosted by the Federal Foreign Office, the Transatlantic Academy and the German Advisory Council on Global Change. The report will be presented by Professor Raimund Bleischwitz and Dr Geoffrey Kemp (Transatlantic Academy). Professor Dirk Messner (German Advisory Council on Global Change) and Dr Dierk Paskert, Manager of the Alliance for Securing Raw Materials, will open the discussion on the report.

The Transatlantic Academy’s report focuses on conflicts over land, energy, food, water and minerals. The nexus between these resources is cited as one of the reasons for such conflicts. One example, the report states, is the struggle for water that can be used as drinking water, for power generation or in agricultural production.

The report analyses the various sources of conflict and attempts to outline possible solutions. It advocates better cooperation on the use of resources, closer involvement of emerging economies and enhancing global governance structures.

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