Foreign Minister Westerwelle welcomes Irish “Yes” to the Fiscal Compact

01.06.2012 - Press release

In a referendum held on 31 May, the majority of the Irish people came out in favour of the European Fiscal Compact. Foreign Minister Westerwelle welcomed the “resounding ”yes“ to the Fiscal Compact” as a positive signal to those European partners who have not yet ratified.

In response to the outcome of the Irish referendum on the European Fiscal Compact, Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today (1 June):

I am gratified by the resounding “yes” to the Fiscal Compact. The Irish people have voted for stability, growth and solidarity in Europe. That is good for Ireland and for all of us in Europe.
The Irish vote sends a positive signal to those European partners who have not yet ratified. The Fiscal Compact makes good financial sense in the long term. If all of Europe commits to this approach, renewed confidence will be our reward.
The positive outcome encourages us to do even more to boost growth and employment. Our strategy for overcoming the crisis rests on several pillars. In addition to budget consolidation, we also rely on targeted incentives for growth. To that end, we intend to pursue a growth pact to foster competitiveness. We will work with our European partners in the coming weeks to make this pact happen.
According to the official figures so far available, 60.3 per cent voted in favour of Ireland ratifying the Fiscal Compact in yesterday’s referendum.

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