Foreign Minister Westerwelle condemns terrorist attacks in Afghanistan

15.04.2012 - Press release

After the armed attacks by radical forces in Kabul and other Afghan cities, Foreign Minister Westerwelle described the situation in Afghanistan as still difficult. He stated that these acts of violence would not compromise further engagement in the country, however.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement in Berlin today (15 April) on the armed attacks in Kabul and other Afghan cities:

Events in Kabul remain difficult to monitor. There are still violent incidents, even though the situation as a whole has calmed down. It would seem that radical forces have attacked Afghan and international facilities in Kabul and other cities in Afghanistan.
I condemn these violent attacks in the strongest terms.
Some property on the grounds of the German Embassy has been slightly damaged by explosions in the vicinity. Fortunately, no one was injured. The Embassy staff has been taken to a safe place in the meantime.
These incidents show how difficult the situation in Afghanistan still is. I have repeatedly pointed out that there would be setbacks and we would have to remain prepared for them in the future. That is one reason why I have great respect not only for the efforts of our soldiers and police officers, but also for our civilian aid workers and diplomats in Afghanistan.
One thing is clear: we will not let these acts of violence compromise our engagement for a peaceful future for Afghanistan, internal reconciliation and a successful political process.

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