Human Rights Commissioner congratulates Egypt on the anniversary of the revolution

25.01.2012 - Press release

Exactly one year ago in Egypt, the revolution began that led, among other things, to Mubarak’s fall. The parliament met yesterday for the first time. Federal Government Human Rights Commissioner Markus Löning issued the following statement in Berlin today (25 January):

“I congratulate the people in Egypt on the first anniversary of the revolution. They took to the streets to demand dignity, human rights, and freedom. The Egyptian people have made great sacrifices to make democratic change possible. I am confident that the elected parliament will shape Egypt’s future according to the principles of human rights.
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ announcement that the state of emergency would be lifted for the most part is a positive step. This must now be implemented unconditionally.
I am very pleased to see that 1955 prisoners condemned by military courts have been granted amnesty. I call on the Egyptian Government to promptly release the other 1433 people who have been condemned by military courts and to see to it that military courts are not permitted to try civilians in the future.
I am especially glad about the release of Maikel Nabil Sanad, on whose behalf the Federal Government and I myself have repeatedly been active.”

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