Foreign Minister Westerwelle on the outcome of Croatia’s EU referendum

23.01.2012 - Press release

Speaking today in Brussels, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle commented as follows on the outcome of Croatia’s referendum on joining the European Union:

“I am delighted such a large majority of Croatia’s citizens have opted for EU membership. Croatia is Europe, belongs to Europe. And Croatia will make for a richer, more diverse and also stronger Europe.
This shows, moreover, that the European Union is serious about the accession perspectives. Croatia serves as an example, also for many other countries, especially in the Western Balkans. It demonstrates that if they introduce reforms, if they meet European standards in areas ranging from the rule of law to the economy and financial responsibility, they can join as well.”

In a referendum on 22 January more than two thirds of those taking part voted in favour of Croatia’s accession to the EU in 2013.

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