Foreign Minister Westerwelle congratulates Klaus Kinkel on his 75th birthday

16.12.2011 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has congratulated former Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel on his 75th birthday.

“I warmly congratulate Klaus Kinkel on his 75th birthday and wish him all the best, good health, happiness and contentment.
In the long period during which Klaus Kinkel shouldered political responsibility, he served Germany and Europe in an exemplary fashion.
As reunited Germany’s second Foreign Minister, he advanced European integration with commitment and success. Klaus Kinkel is a fervent European. He recognized the importance of the states of Central and Eastern Europe for the common European house early on and helped prepare the ground for their integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures.
I am glad that Klaus Kinkel still speaks out when it comes to Europe’s future. For his views carry weight. Together we want to continue working on mechanisms which will ensure stability in Europe. They will guarantee peace, freedom and prosperity in our country and our continent. Europe is Germany’s future.”

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