Federal Minister Westerwelle on the death of Christa Wolf

01.12.2011 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle today issued the following statement on the death of author Christa Wolf:

“I was very sad to learn that Christa Wolf died today at the age of 82. I would like to extend my sympathies to her family.
Christa Wolf was one of Germany’s leading post-war authors and received a great number of prizes for her work.
Long before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Christa Wolf was already taking a critical look at conditions in the former GDR. Her own life story reflects the difficulties of dealing with an authoritarian regime. Christa Wolf raised her critical, thought-provoking voice in united Germany too, and her message was heard far beyond Germany’s borders.
Her extraordinary literary works will live on even after her death.”

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