Foreign Minister Westerwelle welcomes resolution on Syria adopted by the General Assembly’s Third Committee

22.11.2011 - Press release

The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly, whose remit includes human rights issues, has today adopted a resolution on the continuing violence in Syria. The resolution was tabled by Germany, France and Great Britain, and co-sponsored by a total of 59 states, including several Arab nations.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today (22 November):

“This resolution is as legitimate as it is overdue. It sends a clear message to President Assad and his regime to stop the violence against his own people.
The resolution also strengthens the hand of the Arab League and other regional players who are urging Syria to end the violence. It demonstrates just how isolated the Syrian leadership has now become.
An important step has been taken with today’s resolution in the Third Committee. Further steps must follow. We will continue to do what we can to persuade the UN Security Council to take a clear stance on this issue.”

The resolution on Syria was passed with 122 votes in favour. 13 countries voted against the resolution; 41 abstained.

The resolution calls on the Syrian leadership to immediately cease the violations of human and basic rights and to implement the Arab League’s action plan without delay. The Syrian regime is also called upon to cooperate fully with the commission of inquiry established by the UN Human Rights Council in August.

Syria has to date refused to cooperate with the United Nations. The commission of inquiry has not yet been able to enter the country.

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