Human Rights Commissioner continues to demand the release of Maikel Nabil and other political prisoners

02.11.2011 - Press release

Yesterday Maikel Nabil was forcibly arraigned in a military court. His court-appointed defence counsel read out a statement by Nabil to the effect that the latter continued to reject the military court’s jurisdiction. Proceedings were thereupon adjourned until 13 November. The Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy, Markus Löning, issued the following statement on this matter in Berlin today (2 November):

“The continued detention of Maikel Nabil Sanad is a scandal. Maikel Nabil, Alaa Abd El Fattah and the many others detained because they expressed their opinion freely must be released immediately. Egypt needs to respect human rights, also during the current transitional phase. It is unacceptable for the military to prevent the Egyptian people from exercising the right to express their views unhindered.
The military tribunals must finally stop trying civilians. No-one should be handed a court sentence for invoking their human rights. Egypt has entered into international commitments to respect those rights. The news reaching us about the military’s crackdown is very disturbing.
The Egyptian people took to the streets for dignity, human rights and democracy. All those in positions of responsibility are called upon to respect those demands and to push ahead with Egypt’s development towards a democratic state based on the rule of law.”

Maikel Nabil is continuing his hunger strike in prison. His life is in acute danger since he has refused to eat for almost 70 days now to protest his detention. 25-year-old Nabil was given a three-year prison term in April by a military court for “insulting the Egyptian armed forces”. On 11 October, a military appeal court in Cairo ordered another trial to examine the controversial sentence against the Egyptian blogger.

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