Foreign Minister Westerwelle wishes injured Libyans in Germany a speedy recovery

18.10.2011 - Press release

Seriously injured Libyans arrived in Cologne today aboard a German military aircraft. They will now receive medical care in military hospitals. Their transport to, and treatment in, Germany were prepared on the ground by a team of German armed forces medical orderlies. Foreign Minister Westerwelle stated in this connection:

“I am glad that the first sizable group of injured Libyans has arrived in Germany today to receive medical treatment. This support measure is another sign of our solidarity with the Libyan people.
In particular, my thanks go out to the medical team and members of the German armed forces who have made this transport possible.
I wish the injured Libyans a speedy recovery so that they will soon be able again to serve the new Libya with all their strength.”

At the request of the Libyan National Transitional Council, the Federal Government is supporting Libya in the treatment of its wounded and injured nationals.

The National Transitional Council has offered to help finance such medical treatment in Germany.

This humanitarian assistance for injured Libyans is being coordinated by representatives of federal ministries, institutions and the Libyan Embassy under the auspices of the health care working group chaired by the Federal Foreign Office. Moreover, the task force is working on enabling further Libyan patients to receive medical treatment in Germany.

To date, the Foreign Office has financed medical emergency services and supplies in Libya to the tune of more than 1.2°million euro.

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