Human Rights Commissioner congratulates Chadian human rights activist on her alternative Nobel Prize

30.09.2011 - Press release

On Thursday (29 September), Chadian human rights activist Jacqueline Moudeina was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, known as the alternative Nobel Prize, by the Right Livelihood Foundation in Stockholm. The Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy, Markus Löning, congratulated her today (30 September) from Paris.

“It was with great joy that I took note of the award of the alternative Nobel Prize to Jacqueline Moudeina for her untiring efforts to see justice done to the victims of the former dictatorial regime in Chad, as well as for her dedicated work for human rights in Africa. The award thus goes to a committed representative of Chadian civil society who has been an unwavering and politically influential champion for the improvement of the human rights situation in her country.
The personal engagement of people like Jacqueline Moudeina is essential for the transition of a country from a dictatorship to a free society. Bestowing this award on Ms Moudeina will benefit the multi-faceted human rights movement in Chad as a whole. The Federal Government has long been in regular touch with Ms Moudeina concerning the situation in her country and will continue to support her in the future.”


Jacqueline Moudeina is the chairperson of the Chadian human rights Organization “Association tchadienne pour la promotion et la défense des droits de l’homme” and is one of the most active members of N’Djaména’s vibrant civil society. The organization’s particular focus lies on coming to grips with the crimes of the former dictatorial regime, but it is also actively involved in current developments in Chad and in Africa at large.

Ms Moudeina will take part in the Day of German Unity celebrations at the German Embassy on 3 October, where she will be presented with a congratulatory letter from Markus Löning.

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