Foreign Minister Westerwelle urges UN resolution on Syria

29.09.2011 - Press release

In the light of escalating violence in Syria, Foreign Minister Westerwelle considers a corresponding UN Security Council resolution long overdue.

Today (29 September) he issued the following statement in Berlin:

“The regime in Damascus remains impossible to reason with and is fully aware that this may greatly increase the internal conflict in Syria.
Therefore, it is high time that the UN Security Council send a clear message.
Together with our European partners, we have submitted another draft resolution to the Security Council. I am confident that, after all these months of ruthless violence in Syria, even those countries which have so far been hesitant will now be ready to increase the political pressure on the Syrian leadership.”

Last Tuesday Germany, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom again presented a draft resolution on Syria in the UN Security Council. It condemns the violence used by the Syrian leadership and provides for imposing sanctions. At Foreign Minister Westerwelle’s request, demarches for the draft resolution to be adopted in the next few days are currently being made on the ground in New York and in capital cities.

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