Weimar Triangle of European Affairs Ministers in Berlin

21.09.2011 - Press release

Tomorrow (22 September) Minister of State Werner Hoyer will confer in Berlin with his Polish and French opposite numbers Mikołaj Dowgielewicz and Jean Leonetti at a meeting of the European Affairs Ministers of the Weimar Triangle. The Minister of State issued the following statement in Berlin today (21 September):

“We are getting together in the Weimar Triangle format at a time when Europe’s achievements need to be vigorously defended. In face of the national debt crisis in some countries that is keeping us on tenterhooks we must also find the courage to realize the economic and political union in the spirit of the Maastricht decisions. Our guiding principles must not be fear and nationalism, but drive, confidence, solidarity and solidity. France, Poland and Germany are united in their rock-solid commitment to Europe – a commitment which combines passion with good economic sense. The Weimar Triangle provides a particularly suitable format for us Poles, French and Germans to make a decisive contribution to the success of European integration and thus to giving Europe a higher profile in the world.”

The meeting will focus on current issues of Europe’s strategic orientation in a globalized world in the light of the national debt crises as well as on closer cooperation within the Common Security and Defence Policy and on the EU perspective of the countries in the Western Balkans. One of the objectives is to jointly add momentum to the current discussion about the legitimacy of European integration.

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