Study: Portrayal of Islam in European Textbooks

14.09.2011 - Press release

Tomorrow, on Thursday (15 September), the study undertaken by the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research addressing the portrayal of Islam in European textbooks will be presented at the Federal Foreign Office. This is the first systematic analysis of history and politics textbooks from Germany, Austria, France, Spain and England, and it was commissioned by the Federal Foreign Office.

The study will be presented tomorrow (15 September) at 11 a.m. within the framework of a panel discussion at the Federal Foreign Office.

The Federal Foreign Office’s participant will be the Special Representative for Dialogue among Civilizations, Ambassador Heinrich Kreft. The Georg Eckert Institute will be represented by its Director, Prof. Simone Lässig, and the sociologist and ethnologist, Dr Susanne Kröhnert-Othman who, together with the Islam expert Melanie Kamp (Freie Universität Berlin) is responsible for the contents of the analysis. Josef Zens, science journalist and head of the press section of the Leibniz Association, will chair the discussion.

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