Speech by Ambassador Dr. Peter Ammon on Presentation of his Credentials to the President ofthe United States ofAmerica

29.08.2011 - Speech

- Translation of advanced text -

Mr. President,

It is my honor to present you with the letter from the President ofthe Federal Republic of Germany accrediting me to serve as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in the United States.
At the same time, I ask you, Mr. President, to accept the President's letter recalling my predecessor, Ambassador Dr. Klaus Scharioth.
We Germans feel a special bond with the United States of America. Many Americans have family roots in Germany. America's role in the fall ofthe Berlin Wall and German reunification will never be forgotten. Our partnership with the U.S. in the North Atlantic Alliance continues to be the cornerstone of our security policy.
In a few weeks, we will mark the 10th anniversary ofthe horrible attacks ofSeptember 11. We must not waver in our efforts to defend freedom and open society against their enemies. Both in Europe and the United States, we are proud to adhere to the values of Enlightenment: democracy, freedom, tolerance, human rights, the rule oflaw, and protection ofminorities. These values are at the very core ofwhat defines Europe and the United States.
We rely on elose transatlantic cooperation to jointly defend those shared values. I am deeply convinced that it is precisely these values that will continue to keep us elosely connected in the future.
Germany and the United States are pursuing common political goals. Together we engage militarily, economically, and politically to build a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. Together we strive to enable the Afghan people to take responsibility for their own security.
Germany works vigorously also within the E 3+3 to prevent Iran from acquiring nuelear weapons employing both political as weIl as economic tools. Nuelear nonproliferation, disarmament, and arms control are not yesterday's issues but rather today's tasks for all humanity. That is why Germany strongly welcomes your stated long-term goal of a world free of nuelear weapons and supports concrete steps on our way to achieve that aim.
In the Middle East, we support international efforts to breathe new life into the peace process.
The radical changes in the Arab world have shown that the desire for freedom is a force that can move mountains and toppIe authoritarian systems. Germany will do its part to support the Arab states in establishing democratic structures and strong economies.
Globalization is shaping our time. The U.S. and Germany both thrive through it and depend on it. Together, we share and advocate the principles of market economy and free trade. Side by side with the United States, we want to shape the rules and standards ofglobalization as the foundation of a world order whole and free. We must work elosely together to prevent another financial crisis and in particular to mitigate the global debt crisis. As Ambassador, I want to help facilitate an even more intensive exchange among our scholars, politicians, and business leaders on these issues.
On this foundation of deep friendship with the D.S., Gennany -as a partner in responsibility -will work closely with you in order to jointly master the challenges ofthe 21st century.
We Gennans know we have a true friend in America. Only a few weeks ago, here in Washington, you and Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel set the course to further develop the relationship between our two countries. The substantial talks the Chancellor and numerous of her Ministers had with you and your Cabinet have clearly demonstrated the great potential the transatlantic relations continue to hold for the future. In presenting Chancellor Merkel with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, you underscored in a most impressive gesture both your appreciation ofthe Chancellor and the role the D.S. ascribes to Gennany in overcoming global challenges.
Mr. President, serving as Gennan Ambassador to the Dnited States is a special honor and challenge for a Gennan diplomat. I look forward with pleasure and confidence to the task of maintaining and strengthening relations between our two nations. I am very pleased to return to Washington to accept this great challenge.
I have the honorable task of conveying to you the sincere wishes of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany for you and your family and for the auspicious development of the Dnited States of America. It is with great pleasure that I fulfill this task and ask you, Mr. President, also to accept my personal good wishes.

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