Foreign Minister Westerwelle welcomes lifting of the EU’s own sanctions against Libya

01.09.2011 - Press release

The EU Council today agreed by way of written procedure to lift most of its own sanctions against Libya:

Foreign Minister Westerwelle today (1 September) welcomed this decision which was largely based on a Franco-German initiative.

“We are thus sending a clear signal of support for the new Libya on its road towards reconstruction and democracy. Lifting sanctions and releasing frozen assets are important prerequisites for quick humanitarian aid and the success of a new political beginning.
This is why we are strongly committed, also in the context of the United Nations, to having sanctions lifted and Libyan assets unfrozen.”

With today’s decision, the economic sanctions against 28 Libyan firms, among them ports, banks and oil companies, are lifted. This step goes a long way towards facilitating the resumption of economic relations with Libya.

The Federal Government is working towards a resolution in the UN Security Council in New York abolishing the sanctions against Libya. Moreover, it has made a fast-track application to the UN Sanctions Committee to release Libyan assets to the tune of up to one billion euro frozen in Germany in order to make them available for humanitarian aid.

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