Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle proposes appointment of a United Nations special envoy for Syria

04.08.2011 - Press release

Following the Presidential Statement made by the UN Security Council yesterday, Federal Minister Westerwelle issued this statement today (4 August):

“The United Nations Security Council’s Presidential Statement is an important step in the right direction. All members of the Security Council agree that the Syrian Government is responsible for massive human rights violations. The common language adopted by the world community sends a clear signal to Damascus.
However, we must not slacken our efforts now. On the contrary, we will continue to work resolutely, together with all our partners, towards bringing the violence of the Syrian regime against its own population to an end at long last.
I will, therefore, together with our partners, advocate the appointment of a United Nations special envoy for Syria, who will start work immediately, carry the clear message of the international community to Damascus, and lend additional force to the demands of the Security Council.”

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