Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle welcomes UN Security Council consensus on Syria

03.08.2011 - Press release

The United Nations Security Council has just condemned the Syrian Government’s violence towards its own people. Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle issued the following statement today (3 August 2011):

“Through the United Nations Security Council, the international community has sent an important message to the Syrian Government, by condemning the continuing violence against its own people and demanding an immediate end to the bloodshed.
The message to Damascus is clear: it is now time for President Assad to act. The violence must cease immediately. A meaningful dialogue – which can only be such if it focuses on a speedy transition to democracy – must be taken up with the opposition on this basis.
Over the past days and weeks, Germany and its partners had been pushing for the Security Council to adopt a clear stance against the events in Syria. Our determination was right and had an impact, although – in view of the brutal repression that has cost so many lives in recent days alone – we would have preferred a much earlier and stronger declaration.”

In a presidential statement on Wednesday (3 August 2011), the Indian Presidency of the Security Council expressed among other things its grave concern over the recent events in Syria and condemned the violence against civilians. On Germany’s initiative, the European Union’s Political and Security Committee (PSC) will convene a special meeting on Syria on Thursday.

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