Federal Minister Westerwelle welcomes adoption of constitutional reform in Morocco

02.07.2011 - Press release

The referendum held on 3 July on the reform of the Kingdom of Morocco’s constitution passed by a large margin.

In this connection, Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today (2 July) in Istanbul:

“I welcome the vote of the Moroccan people. It sends a strong signal for more political participation in the country. The new constitutional provisions will enhance democracy and human rights in Morocco.
It is now important to take bold steps towards implementing the constitutional reform and to involve the people in this process.
Together with its partners in the European Union, Germany will continue to resolutely support the reform process in Morocco.”

Among other things, the constitutional reform envisages making the judiciary more independent, enhancing the role of democratically elected deputies and of the parliamentary opposition and guaranteeing individual liberties and human rights. Equal opportunities for men and women and democratic and social institutions are to be guaranteed by the constitution.

The European Union has further developed its neighbourhood policy in the past few weeks. In future, it will focus more on promoting reforms and democratic processes, lend more support to civil society and step up economic cooperation.

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