Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle pays tribute to Hungarian EU Council Presidency

29.06.2011 - Press release

The first Hungarian EU Council Presidency ends on 30 June. At a meeting today in Berlin with EU country ambassadors at the Hungarian Embassy, Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle made the following remarks in this connection:

“It is thanks also to Hungary’s active efforts to advance EU enlargement that the accession negotiations with Croatia are now about to be concluded.
I congratulate Hungary on its successful first EU Presidency.
The Hungarian Presidency deserves plaudits for having steered the EU through challenging times. Over the past six months we have seen revolutionary changes take place in our immediate neighbourhood. The debt crisis, too, has demanded constant attention.
Under the Hungarian Presidency the EU has come up with convincing responses to these challenges:
We have given the European Neighbourhood Policy a new focus, which will help it serve in future as a catalyst for democratic change in our neighbourhood.
Last week the European Council placed economic governance within the euro area onto a new footing, thereby making a crucial contribution towards a further strengthening of our common currency.”

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