Fagus Factory new German UNESCO World Heritage site

25.06.2011 - Press release

At its 35th session held in Paris, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee decided to inscribe the Fagus Factory in Alfeld (Lower Saxony) on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Welcoming the decision Cornelia Pieper, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, commented as follows:

“We are absolutely delighted by the World Heritage Committee’s decision to inscribe the Fagus Factory on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This decision recognizes that Germany boasts not only fine architecture from older eras of history but also outstanding examples of modern industrial architecture and design.”

The Fagus Factory, where lasts were manufactured for the shoe industry, was built in 1910 to plans drawn up by Walter Gropius. It ranks as a landmark in the development of modern architecture and industrial design. The complex is also one of the very few examples of 20th century industrial architecture to have remained operational and intact to this day.

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