Minister of State Hoyer visits Serbia

14.06.2011 - Press release

Minister of State Werner Hoyer today (14 June) arrived in Belgrade for political talks. His schedule includes talks with President Tadić, Prime Minister Cvetković and Foreign Minister Jeremić. Their discussions will focus on the Republic of Serbia’s relations with the European Union. Moreover, issues in connection with the ongoing process of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina will have to be discussed.

In this context, Minister of State Hoyer today (14 June) issued the following statement:

The arrest of Ratko Mladić at the end of May meant very good news for Europe. Reconciliation in the region can only be achieved if perpetrators of crimes committed during the Balkan wars are finally brought to justice. With the apprehension of Ratko Mladić, Serbia has satisfied a long-standing demand of the European Union.
Serbia has decided to follow the path towards the European Union. I would like to encourage Serbia to continue and further intensify the reforms it has so resolutely embarked upon. However, in the process of drawing closer to the European Union the continuing political tensions with Kosovo, which has been independent since 2008, have to be resolved sustainably so as to make sure that all neighbours in Europe can live side by side in a peaceful atmosphere.

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