Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle calls for a “strong signal” to Syria from the UN Security Council

09.06.2011 - Press release

Yesterday, together with the United Kingdom, France, and Portugal, Germany put forward a draft for a resolution of the UN Security Council concerning the situation in Syria. Intensive consultations about the draft are taking place now; the goal of Germany and its partners is to see the resolution passed as soon as possible.

Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle had the following to say today (9 June) in Berlin:

“The world cannot remain silent while every day people in Syria continue to be killed and tortured for doing nothing other than standing up for their legitimate civil and human rights.
Germany and its partners call for a strong signal from the Security Council of the United Nations to the Syrian leadership that violence against the citizens of their own country must stop immediately. The grave human rights violations occurring daily must end without delay.
President Assad must make a radical change in course. Not violence, but the path of dialogue and authentic reforms is the only solution to Syria’s problems.”

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