Foreign Minister Westerwelle expresses thanks for report by UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry into Libya

04.06.2011 - Press release

The UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry into Libya has published its first report on its investigations into the human rights situation in Libya. The report is based on the findings of the Commission’s April visit to Libya, including Tripoli and Benghazi, as well as to the border regions. The report concludes that violations of human rights have occurred on both sides since protests began in February 2011. The Commission furthermore states that Colonel Gaddafi’s regime has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement from Hanoi today (4 June):

“I thank the Commission of Inquiry for its commitment to investigating all human rights abuses in Libya. The report offers an impressive depiction of numerous violations of international law by the regime in Tripoli. The responsible parties must be held accountable for these actions. The work of the Commission of Inquiry and the investigations of the International Criminal Court are important milestones along the road to justice and restitution.”

In a special meeting in Geneva on the human rights situation in Libya, the UN Human Rights Council on 25 February 2011 set up a commission charged with investigating all allegations of violations of human rights in Libya.

Germany, though not currently a member of the Human Rights Council, supported the special session and was one of the resolution’s sponsors. In the Council’s June meeting, which is currently underway, Germany supports a resolution to extend the commission’s mandate.

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