Minister of State Hoyer to represent Germany at the ASEM Foreign Ministers Meeting

03.06.2011 - Press release

On 6 June Minister of State Hoyer will travel to Gödöllö in Hungary to attend the Foreign Ministers Meeting held under the auspices of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).

The main theme of the two-day event attended by representatives of the 48 ASEM partners will be Asia-Europe cooperation in tackling new security threats. The talks will focus on energy, water and food security as well as the security threats posed by climate change.

Europe-Asia cooperation in addressing the international financial and economic crisis and other global issues will be on the agenda as well.

Ministers will also discuss the current political situation in Europe and Asia, including developments in Myanmar and on the Korean Peninsula as well as the democracy movements in North Africa and the Middle East. Commenting on the importance of the upcoming meeting, Minister of State Hoyer noted:

“We must further intensify cooperation between Europe and Asia for the benefit of both regions and work together on solutions to pressing global problems. For this ASEM provides an important forum. And it offers in addition a platform for concrete initiatives. An example here is the ASEM Education Secretariat in Bonn.”

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