Foreign Minister Westerwelle: EU sanctions against Syria send unmistakeable message condemning repression

10.05.2011 - Press release

In view of the ongoing violent suppression of demonstrators and opposition forces in Syria, the European Union has imposed sanctions, which went into effect today. The sanctions include a comprehensive arms embargo as well as travel restrictions and asset freezes on 13 people who are held responsible for acts of violence against peaceful demonstrators.

Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle today (10 May) issued the following statement:

“I welcome the adoption of EU sanctions against Syria. Together with France and other EU partners, Germany urged that this agreement be reached quickly. In imposing the sanctions Europe is sending the Syrian leadership an unmistakeable message that brutal attacks on demonstrators and random arrests of opposition members must end immediately.
We call on President Assad to change course and start on credible reforms which address the legitimate demands of the Syrian people.
The sanctions we have adopted are a first step. If Damascus continues on its repressive course, we will increase pressure and tighten sanctions.”

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