Minister of State Hoyer welcomes EU’s agreement in principle on sanctions against Syria

06.05.2011 - Press release

Meeting in Brussels today, the EU’s Political and Security Committee agreed to impose an arms embargo as well as travel restrictions and asset freezes on persons responsible for acts of violence against peaceful demonstrators in Syria.

Minister of State Werner Hoyer today (6 May) issued the following statement on the agreement in Brussels:

“This agreement has cleared the way for EU sanctions against the regime in Syria. Together with France and other EU partners, Germany urged that this agreement be reached. Provided the sanctions are formally adopted, they can enter into force next week.
The EU is thus sending a clear signal to those in power in Syria. The regime is at a crossroads: we call on President Assad to change his course. However, if the violence and arbitrary arrests continue, the EU will take further measures. The international community must actively support the calls for freedom and respect for human dignity in Syria as well.
Moreover, we urge that international observers be granted access to the city of Daraa and to other towns cut off by the security forces. Reports of numerous deaths and hundreds of arrests lead us to fear the worst.”

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