Minister of State Hoyer concerned at adoption of new Hungarian Constitution

18.04.2011 - Press release

Werner Hoyer, Minister of State and Member of the German Bundestag, issued the following statement on the Hungarian Parliament’s adoption of a new Constitution for Hungary during his visit to Tunis today:

“In past decades, Hungary won an undisputed place in the history books as an ardent champion of freedom, human rights and democracy. We Germans in particular will never forget what our Hungarian friends did for us.
Our eyes are therefore all the more attentively fixed on Hungary, as we watch developments there not without some concern. The media laws which entered into force at the beginning of this year demonstrate an understanding of fundamental rights which – despite the alterations undertaken – is not easily reconciled with the values of the European Union. The fears we registered in connection to the media laws are heightened, not alleviated, by the Constitution adopted today – and by the fact that it was drafted in the first place.
Europe stands for ”Unity in Diversity“. Diversity here implies a tolerant way of life which does not question the political majority’s right to make decisions, but in which the maturity of any political culture as well as its inward and outward credibility is measured by the way society’s minorities are treated.
We in Europe are united in a community of values to which we are all bound. Freedom, human rights and the rule of law: these are the pillars which – after long years of struggle – hold up the roof over our heads here in Europe.”

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