Minister of State Hoyer to visit Tunisia

15.04.2011 - Press release

Dr Werner Hoyer, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, will visit Tunisia from 17 to 19 April. His talks in Tunis will focus on the country’s new political agenda and how Germany and Europe can help take it forward.

Hoyer is due to meet Tunisian Foreign Minister Mouldi Kefi and representatives of the High Council for the Realization of the Goals of the Revolution. He will also hold talks on human rights issues and the situation of refugees in Tunisia.

Hoyer’s schedule includes the launch of “Tunisie Vote”, a media project conceived by Media in Cooperation and Transition, a non-governmental organization based in Berlin. The project is designed to help journalists working for free media in Tunisia to hone their professional skills ahead of the elections to the constituent assembly on 24 July. The Federal Foreign Office is funding the project with 300,000 euro.

Before departing, Minister of State Hoyer issued the following statement in Berlin:

“Tunisia, where the ”Arab Revolution“ started this year, is now spearheading the systematic modernization that will allow North Africa increasingly to enjoy the benefits of the rule of law, democracy and freedom. I am convinced this modernization project offers great opportunities especially to patriotically-minded young people who are keen to give their best. Germany and Europe will support this endeavour in every way they can.”

In 2011 the German Government has earmarked an additional 35 million euro to aid the transition process in the Arab world.

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