Minister of State Hoyer condemns violence in Yemen

19.03.2011 - Press release

In Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, sharpshooters shot at demonstrators today, killing several people. As violent clashes break out also in other parts of the country, the situation continues to escalate.

In this connection Werner Hoyer, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, today (18 March) issued in Berlin the following statement:

“I am extremely disturbed by the reports coming out of Yemen. The protests there supported by large sections of society are being crushed with ever greater brutality. Demonstrators have clearly been deliberately shot. This is totally unacceptable and must be condemned outright. President Saleh’s Government has a duty to protect its citizens and stop the use of excessive force.

The only way to safeguard the country’s future is to seek a peaceful modus vivendi involving all sections of Yemeni society. President Saleh is called upon immediately to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent more violence. All sides must proceed responsibly and with restraint in order to avoid the situation escalating still further.”

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