Improving access to “rare earths” for German businesses: a conference in the Federal Foreign Office on “Securing raw materials for sunrise industries”

16.03.2011 - Press release

“Rare earths” play an important role in modern sunrise industries. Already today, “rare earths” are often indispensable for the production of advanced electronic goods. Functioning markets for “rare earths” are thus an important prerequisite for the expansion and preservation of modern, technology-intensive industries in Germany and Europe.

Against the background of the diminishing global the supply of “rare earths”, State Secretary Peter Ammon said on 15 March at the opening of the international conference “Securing raw materials for sunrise industries”:

“We must consider how we can expand the global supply of ”rare earths“. Our goal is to re-establish functioning markets for these resources. Our solution for this challenge is: free trade.”

“we are committed to an intensive dialogue with China.”

With its global network of missions abroad, the Federal Foreign Office supports the activities of German companies in this field.

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