Minister of State Hoyer concerned about return of ex-dictator Duvalier to Haiti

21.01.2011 - Press release

Following the return of the former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti, Minister of State Werner Hoyer today (21 January) expressed his concern about the potentially destabilizing impact Duvalier could have on the country:

“Jean-Claude Duvalier is a figure from the past who has been accused of serious crimes.
His reappearance now, not least the demand made recently in the current difficult situation that new elections should be held, will not help re-establish political stability in Haiti.
In the light of current developments in Haiti, the international community must make a concerted effort to ensure that the run-off still to be held is conducted in a lawful, free and fair manner. I therefore welcome the comments made yesterday by the EU High Representative Lady Ashton and her commitment.
Germany will continue to call in the relevant international bodies for the OAS recommendations to be heeded.”

Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti from exile in France on 16 January 2011 for the first time since the end of his dictatorship (1971-1986). On 19 January 2011, his spokesman called for the first round of the presidential elections at the end of November to be annulled. He stated there would have to be new elections at which Duvalier would stand.

Germany supports the recommendations by the OAS Verification Mission that the election results of last November be corrected. The German Government expressed its concern that the political crisis would hinder the country’s reconstruction. The second round of presidential elections scheduled for 16 January 2011 has been postponed indefinitely.

The German Government has provided Haiti with assistance, inter alia 39.4 million euro in reconstruction aid, 17 million euro in humanitarian assistance and 1 million euro in emergency aid to combat the cholera epidemic.

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