Federal Minister Westerwelle urges that democratic standards be adhered to in the elections in Belarus

18.12.2010 - Press release

Looking ahead to the presidential elections in Belarus tomorrow, Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle today (18 December) issued the following statement:

“The forthcoming elections in Belarus are an important indicator of the country’s future orientation. We expect the Belarusian leadership to ensure that free and democratic standards be adhered to in the holding of the elections.
The key to rapprochement between the EU and Belarus can be found in Minsk. If relations are to be intensified, there must be progress in Belarus on democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.
We will judge the future leadership of the country by whether real progress is made on these issues.”

Federal Minister Westerwelle visited Minsk on 2 November with his Polish counterpart, Radek Sikorski. At meetings with President Lukashenko, Foreign Minister Martynov and representatives of the Belarusian opposition, the two Ministers called for free and fair presidential elections.

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