Federal Government and non-governmental organizations discuss the situation in Afghanistan

07.06.2010 - Press release

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) carry out important reconstruction and aid work in Afghanistan. The Federal Government devotes considerable funds to this civil-society commitment as part of its engagement in Afghanistan.

It is therefore continuing its dialogue with NGO representatives. Today, Monday (7 June), Minister of State Werner Hoyer, along with Gudrun Kopp, Christian Schmidt and Klaus-Dieter Fritsche, his opposite numbers from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Federal Ministry of Defence and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, will meet representatives of NGOs active in Afghanistan as part of VENRO (the Association of German Development NGOs). The aim of the consultations is an exchange of information and opinions on current issues regarding the German mission in Afghanistan.

Ahead of the meeting, Minister of State Hoyer issued the following statement in Berlin today (7 June):

”Germany and its international partners will continue our commitment in Afghanistan and our close cooperation with the Afghan Government. We have once again massively increased our support for the civilian reconstruction effort.

The international community’s new strategy agreed in London aims to gradually place responsibility for Afghanistan’s reconstruction and security into the hands of the Afghans themselves.

German NGOs tirelessly perform important reconstruction work in Afghanistan, thereby exposing their workers to serious dangers. The German Government will maintain its close collaboration with these NGOs.“

The main focus of the talks will be on the current situation in the country, progress in implementing the conclusions of the January 2010 London conference on Afghanistan, and looking forward to the conference planned for July 2010 in Kabul.

The German Government has once again markedly increased its support for civilian reconstruction in Afghanistan, earmarking around 430 million euro for 2010, twice the previous year’s figure.

From 2001 to 2009 the Federal Foreign Office provided approximately 430 million euro for Afghanistan, and further 180 million or so are budgeted for 2010. These funds will mainly be used for measures aimed at stabilization and at building up the security forces. In addition, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has made available another 10 million euro for NGOs in 2010, alongside its bilateral cooperation.

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