Federal Minister Westerwelle met with President Sejdiu of Kosovo

06.05.2010 - Press release

In talks with the President of Kosovo, Fatmir Sejdiu, Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle reaffirmed that the German Government would actively support the Republic of Kosovo in its reform process as well as its steps towards the European Union. Westerwelle called on the government of Kosovo to seek pragmatic cooperation with Serbia and work resolutely to achieve the full integration of Kosovo Serbs.

Today (6 May) Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle met with Dr Fatmir Sejdiu, President of the Republic of Kosovo, for talks.

President Sejdiu emphasized that bilateral relations were outstanding and expressed his gratitude for years of comprehensive German support for his country. In terms of both financial assistance and personnel, Germany’s commitment was broad based. Bilateral financial assistance as well as Germany’s active participation in the NATO led Kosovo Force (KFOR) and the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) played a very important role in Kosovo’s political, judicial and economic development. President Sejdiu thanked Foreign Minister Westerwelle for the successful cooperation in the area of bilateral diplomatic training. The Federal Foreign Office’s programmes for young diplomats from Kosovo had proven very helpful for the establishment of so far 21 embassies of Kosovo.

Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle pledged active support from the German Government for Kosovo’s reform process and its steps towards the European Union. For Germany, the issue of Kosovo’s status had been conclusively resolved. Germany would therefore continue to lobby at the international level for Kosovo to be allowed to join international organizations, as well as for its recognition by other countries. In addition, Kosovo and Serbia needed to work on developing pragmatic cooperation on issues of common interest. This was not only in the interest of Kosovo and Serbia, but also in the interest of Europe as a whole.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle also called on the government of Kosovo to take active steps to achieve the full integration of Kosovo Serbs. At the national level, the government in Pristina also had to give priority to addressing the deficits identified by the European Commission in the areas of the rule of law, corruption and organized crime.

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