Westerwelle: the statement of the Middle East Quartet sends a strong message

19.03.2010 - Press release

In connection with the statement issued today in Moscow by the Middle East Quartet, Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle commented today (19 March) in Berlin as follows:

“I expressly welcome the statement of the Middle East Quartet.

This sends a strong message from the international community, which can help to get negotiations started and stabilize the situation in the region.

It is crucial now to actively pursue the steps outlined by the Middle East Quartet. This is what the German Government had strongly canvassed for prior to the meeting. I also welcome the special attention the Quartet has given to the situation in Jerusalem.

I will be discussing these issues in greater depth in my meeting today with George Mitchell, the US Special Envoy for Middle East Peace. We fully support the US efforts to get indirect peace talks started at an early date.

It is now up to the conflict parties to do whatever is necessary to enable these peace talks to take place as soon as possible. All steps in this direction will have our backing.”

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