Minister of State Hoyer at Informal Meeting of Ministers for Europe in Segovia/Spain

14.01.2010 - Press release

At the start of Spain’s EU Presidency, Minister of State Hoyer took part in an Informal Meeting of Ministers for Europe near Segovia yesterday (13 January).

Now that the Lisbon Treaty has entered into force, the Spanish Presidency will be the first to operate under the new rules. The Ministers therefore stressed the necessity to implement these rules as quickly and smoothly as possible.

First and foremost, stated the Ministers, this meant that Europe would have to cooperate more closely in the face of the special challenges ahead. The Spanish Presidency should focus on dealing with the ongoing economic crisis. Climate protection also required particular attention after the disappointing outcome in Copenhagen.

Minister of State Werner Hoyer commented as follows:

“After concentrating for many years on the EU’s new institutional framework, it’s now time to address pressing global issues.”

The Ministers also agreed to accelerate the establishment of the European External Action Service envisaged in the Lisbon Treaty and called for the active involvement of all member states.

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